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Channel 7 Internship

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I went out with a crew to do a pick-up interview for a journalist on this story about flights to the Philippines. It was an interesting experience to go out with just a crew and learn first hand what it's like. 

To watch the video follow this link

shot list.PNG

I wrote up a shot list for a court story for another journalist. I learnt how they do their shot lists for video interviews they shot. 

On my last day, I went out with a crew to do a story on a nursing agency looking for nurses. the interviewing took place at a local McDonald's for easier access for new mum's and students looking for jobs in that industry. I interviewed the supervisor in charge and spoke with them about the success of the event. Unfortunately, this story didn't make it to air because it wasn't newsworthy enough. 

I attended a breaking news story on Christian people turning up to Mosques and accusing Muslims on believing in the wrong religion. I got to witness how the media handles these situations by going straight up to the people and asking questions and filming everything that is happening. this story was interesting to see that the environment that a journalist works in is not always controlled

Throughout the internship I was able to go out with journalist learning all about the TV side of journalism and how it all works behind the scenes of the news. One of eh journalists showed me through their news program and how it works and where all of their footage is. I was able to sit in the editing suites and control to see how the news works from that perspective. I sat in the studio for the 4pm news to see how everything is run live from the studios. 

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