Channel 9 Internship

I recorded this package on my first day practicing a Piece to Camera and voice-over as well as attending a breaking story. The breaking story was a house fire that happened early in the morning. 

20180910_111802-1 (1).jpg
adopt out.PNG

Another news story I wrote a script on but didn't get to record was about the RSPCA Adopt Out. We interviewed the RSPCA and people who owned retired racing greyhounds that would be up for adoption. 


I went out with a Journalist to cover a story on airbag recalls. I was able to practice a Piece to Camera, and had the journalist check and edit my version of the story. 

airbag edit.PNG
court story.PNG

I attended a court story on a man who was caught scamming money from people through ATM's. I wrote my version of the story with grabs from police. 

I went out with a journalist on a story about the future of automotive cars. Seeing how the cars of the future will be and being a passenger in a car that almost drives itself. This story showed me the different and interesting ways news can be put together. 

driverless cars.PNG
graffiti vandals.PNG

I went out with a producer for a promo they were shooting for the following night about people vandalizing train stations and trains. I went to the Queensland Rail control room and was able to see how everything is put together. 

I joined a producer on another promo they were airing that night for Sydney Channel 9 news. The story was about pet food poisoning. I was able to learn all about reporting on a more personal story. 

school holiday story.PNG
school holiday story.PNG

This story I was able to practice a walking piece to camera and go out with a journalist on a story getting ready for the school holidays and what fun things parents could do with their children. 

Throughout this internship I got to shadow journalists who told me a lot about the industry and how to go about getting into the industry. I was able to have one of the stories recorded and edited into a package. I sat in the control room and the studio for the 4pm news on one of the days seeing the news from that perspective. Journalist showed me through their news program which is different to other news stations and where their footage is. I wrote scripts for every story I went out with a journalist on and practiced some piece to cameras.