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Radio Metro Internship

News Bulletin 


Former electoral commissioner for Queensland has been charged with one count of possession of steroids and is expected in court.


Earlier this year, Walter Van der Merwe, was suspended for serious allegations and resigned from the position.




A new national aged care commission is set to protect older Australians following several scandals at nursing homes.


Minister for Aged Care Ken Wyatt has plans to merge agencies into a new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission for people concerned about their loved ones to report to.


A public servant, from Canberra, who expressed her views on the asylum seeker policy has been sacked.


Michaela Banerji won her case for compensation after the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia found she was unlawfully dismissed.

In International news...


Former US first lady Barbara Bush has passed away at the age of 92, she was the wife to President George HW Bush and mother to President George W Bush.


The Bush family released a statement on Sunday saying she was failing in health and wanted to focus on comfort care.

To Sport...


Football clubs have begun to reward their best and brightest performers from 2017-2018.


The award season kicked off in Melbourne City with each club joining them to name their accolade winners in the coming weeks.

Now you’re up to date. This is Micaela on 1057 Radio Metro.

Website Banner

Banner created for a DJ's Show to be displayed on the front page of Radio Metro's website. 

Announcer Bios

I re-wrote bios for the announcers, introducing them and what they like to do and when their show is on air.

The Smith Family

One in seven children and young people grow up in poverty which limits their choices of what they want to do in life.

The smith family support and help disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education creating better futures for them.

If you want to know more or donate head to:

Animal Rescue Queensland

Animal Rescue Queensland started as a result of the south east Queensland floods and the effect it had on family pets and homeless animals.

They are a no kill organisation and do everything they can to save every pet they rescue and find a safe new home for them.

To find out how you can donate go to:

Community Announcements

These are two community announcements I scripted from local or national organisations for radio announcers to broadcast to the community. These Announcements are also on the Radio Metro website. 

'About Radio Metro' Online Script

105.7FM Radio Metro is the only youth community radio station on the Gold Coast & all about the music!

Giving fresh new mixes & hits to the youth community since 2001 with Dance, Top40, RnB & Leftfield!

Keeping our listeners days, nights & weekends at their best, we freshly hand pick every tune.

Eager, dedicated and talented individuals of the city are given the opportunity to share their talent on the airwaves.

With only the best crew behind the scenes, the community is welcomed to engage in our iconic events & winning awesome prizes through our website, social media & app-streaming services.

Radio Metro is a leading no-for-profit broadcaster that relies on support & involvement of volunteer staff, subscribers and sponsors.

We are also all about giving back to the community and getting the youth involved by promoting charities & supporting local presenters, DJ’s & producers.

If you want to get in contact with the team, email

'Face of Radio Metro' script

I wrote out a script for their upcoming competition for the 'Face of Radio Metro'. 

Live Reads


If you like prize packs, movie tickets, events passes and free stuff head over to and sign up as a VIP! We always have prizes up for grabs, it’s definitely worth it.

Do you want to be a VIP? You can with Radio Metro. Check out and sign up to our VIP membership. We are always giving away free stuff from prize packs to movie tickets and events passes!


Are you driving in your car or just desperately want to know that name of that song currently playing? Radio Metro’s music archive lets you find what song played at what day and time. Head over to to find the freshest hits!

We’re all about the music and we’re always playing the freshest hits here at Radio Metro! You can check out our music archive to find the names of artists and songs and when they were played. Head to

Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to keep up with what’s happening. If you want to keep up to date with us check out Radio Metro on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @radiometroaus! You can be the first to know about competitions, upcoming events and hits on our playlist. 105.7 Radio Metro – where it’s all about the music!

Want to be the first to know about our competitions, upcoming events and fresh tracks hitting the soundwaves? Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @radiometroaus to keep up with what’s happening behind the scenes at 105.7 Radio Metro – where it’s about the music!

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