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Music is Life

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Music has always been around. It’s everywhere. Even back in the days when there was no technology and everything was left to the imagination, using sticks and rocks or anything that resembled a noise.

To the discovery of the technology we have today. Where drums, piano and almost majority of instruments can be played electronically through a synthesiser.

Personally, instruments are better live. Although, watching someone play a synthesiser really well is amazing.

Music is in everything; sporting events, productions, musicals (obviously), shopping centres and even toilets to avoid the awkward noise of other people peeing.

Anyway... getting back to sport, I have always considered music and sport to be polar opposites or competing subjects. But, if you go to sport events there is more than likely music playing or the teams have a chant/song. It fills the empty atmosphere, the buzz of chatter.

But, rarely is sport ever brought into music events. You wouldn’t necessarily see a footy being tossed or someone shooting a basket at a concert. Unless you count walking while playing an instrument a sport.

You could argue that dancing – same with cheer leading – is a sport but it’s a grey area, some may count it as a sport. Mixing sport and music producing something creative.

Music can pretty much be accessed anywhere these days – phone, laptop, online streaming sites. You can listen while working, cleaning, walking, cooking (possibly the reason why my food burns, too much dancing and not enough watching the food) or even writing.

But, the best thing music can do is make you feel a certain way. Whether it’s happiness, sadness, love, jumping around the room crazy dancing. Sometimes listening to a song and it feels as though the artist is speaking straight to you, every lyric is describing how you’re feeling.

Even after an awful day, your favourite song comes on, you smile, get up and dance your heart out and you wouldn’t care who walked in. Dance like no one is watching.

Some people are into a particular genre of music whether it be 70's, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, current, pop, rock ‘n’ roll, country, metal and others that I haven't mentioned. There are others, like myself, who are into a little bit of all of these.

Music also has the power to make a situation more intense or beautiful. In movies, for example, scary scenes wouldn’t have you scrunched up on the couch hugging a pillow while covering your eyes if there wasn’t music.

The intensity of the music makes your heart race, thinking something is about to happen. It has you on edge, unsure of what’s to follow.

Same goes for happy victorious endings of a movie when the person gets their dream, wins that race, achieves that award or gets to be with the person they love. There is a sense of victory, happiness and an uplifting melody in the music that makes you smile. How some songs are created in just the right way to make you feel so happy as though you could be flying.

It’s amazing how music can have that power to make you feel free and alive and happy.

Music also has an amazing ability to let you hear and understand every lyric. They say when you’re happy you hear and dance to the beat and rhythm of the song, but when you are sad you listen to the words and deeper meaning of the song.

You could be listening to the radio or a random mix of music, a song may come on and it just relates to everything you could be going through or it describes a certain situation in your life either previously or currently.

Music can have various impacts in our life through friends, family, musical and sporting events and social media.

Music really is life.

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